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It’s important to advertise all the great things that your business has to offer. But do you really have the time to analyze and execute the process yourself?
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Welcome to New Leaf Marketing Strategies

Many business owners understand how important it is to advertise all of the great things that their business has to offer…yet many business owners are far too busy to analyze and execute the process themselves.

Andrea Hall

A native Bostonian, Andrea Hall is a graduate of Boston University's College of Communication with a B.S. in Journalism. Andrea has built a network of media contacts and business relationships over the years, creating a variety of effective marketing programs for the retail and business community. Her background is extensive and colorful having worked in a sales and marketing capacity in both the radio and the music industry. She is ready to share her ideas, expertise and enthusiasm with you!

Theory for Marketing Success

Andrea's Theory for Success: "Marketing is a speaking tool. Any successful marketing campaign first begins on the corporate level ...a business needs to first genuinely care about the needs of its customers and clients."

Confidence counts! Know your brand! (Andrea at Age 5)

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Committed To Marketing Excellence

From traditional to modern digital media.

A New England-based company, New Leaf Marketing Strategies will customize and execute all of your marketing plans for you. We are devoted to your specific, individual needs in the areas of:

  • Media Planning & Consultation
  • Special Events
  • Public Relations
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing
  • Sponsorship Opportunities

Whether your business has one location and a small budget, or several locations and a larger budget, New Leaf can create an effective marketing strategy suited to your company’s specific needs.

Andrea has over 35 years in media, and has built a network of contacts and business relationships that can all be put to work for you.  For early press on Andrea see this article.

Complete Marketing Services That Are Available:

Traditional Advertising

35+ years of direct experience planning and implementing print, tv, billboard and radio campaigns. Sponsorship opportunities are also a traditional and efficient way to increase sales. Consider partnering with cause-related or media specific events.

Digital Advertising

These days, email marketing, social media content, and geotargeting Google ads for your business, is imperative for your image and branding.

Public Relations

Press and publicity are the added 'voice' that your business image needs. Stand out from the others and include yourself in articles, and editorial content, in a variety of ways, such as print articles, tv and radio segments or digital blogs.

Promotional Events

Hosting corporate or casual events can do wonders for your business growth! Add a celebrity book signing or a well-known chef to your event to make it a memorable occasion for your customers.

Do you really have the time and experience to analyze and organize all this yourself?

An effective marketing plan should include any or all of these key elements:

1. Media Planning & Consultation:

This process begins with deciding what your business’ individual needs are and who your customer is! New Leaf Marketing would then handle the marketing process for you, including contacting all media reps from print, direct mail, radio, outdoor, television or digital outlets. We would then collect all data and rate information, interpreting the best way to market your business, including incorporating vendor/co-op participation, if needed. An effective media plan adds up to growth and exposure for your business!

2. Special Events:

New Leaf Marketing can create a theme for an event tailored to target the customers you want to attract! We can also include cross-promotions such as  weekend get-a-ways, gift certificates, in-store contests, and an appearance by a local celebrity or sports personality. Customers love a business that provides something different (and fun) from the rest! See photos (below) from New leaf Marketing events.

3. Public Relations:

Image-building is the key to any successful business. New Leaf Marketing PR services will help you build your brand through the media which includes tv and radio segments, editorial content, print articles, and digital blogs.  Tell your story!  Talk about your company’s heritage, events, charities, and causes that you’re involved with, that the public should know about. A positive public image is invaluable!

New Leaf Marketing - Event Photos

Whether it’s a Grand Opening, a Customer Appreciation event or an event to appeal to your peers in the industry, New Leaf Marketing can brand your business by coordinating events that include local and national celebrities, food and refreshments and also entertainment.  The initial stage of promoting an event is that you will first receive pre-press. This includes calendar listings, email blasts, social media exposure, PSAs, and occasional inclusion in editorial content. Following the event, you will receive post-press, with photos of the event appearing in a variety of media. 

Celebrity Chef Ming Tsai

Celebrity Chef Ming Tsai shares cooking tips with Designers, Architects and Builders at the Tri-City Sales Showroom in Salem.

Gardner Mattress

Just a few highlights from the Gardner Mattress ‘Tour & Tastings’ event for designers, architects, builders, craftsmen and realtors.

Celebrity Designer Laurie Smith

Laurie Smith, Celebrity Designer from the TV show ‘Trading Spaces’, mingles with Designers and Architects at the Delande Lighting Showroom in Salem.

Tri-City Sales

A summer celebration at Tri-City Sales in Ipswich, MA with sponsors from Clarke Kitchens. Included in this photo is Rick Cohen, President (left) of Tri-City Sales and Tom Kulevich,  VP of Tri-City Sales (right).

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I've worked with Andrea Hall and New Leaf Marketing for over 18 years, and can honestly say that she works HARD for her marketing clients. She thinks outside-the-box to find promotions, advertising possibilities, and tie-ins. From a television production standpoint, she's developed countless creative and successful campaigns to showcase her clients' products and services. Andrea is someone you can count on to get things done. She's always accessible, a really fun person, and easy to talk to. I would happily recommend Andrea Hall to anyone who is looking to grow their business, find PR and marketing opportunities, or just say in front of their competition. - Will Barratt, Owner, Will Barratt Productions Inc.
Will Barrett – Freelance Director of Photographer/Senior Producer
Andrea's passion for advertising and marketing business is exceptional. She "gets it." I am an account executive who works with Andrea frequently and I have found myself asking for her advice on more than one occasion! She knows her stuff. You have a great partner with Andrea!
Sarah Sullivan – Newsam, Director of Content Townsquare Media
I had the great pleasure of working with Andrea on a number of projects to benefit Room to Grow, a non-profit enriching the lives of babies born into poverty. She was our "go to" person when we needed to get anything done, and brought an incredible energy to our work and the team. She is an amazing fund raiser and not only was able to acquire amazing auction items for our gala, she recruited a talented singer to write a custom song for the organization, spread the word about our work to everyone she knew and helped us develop a stronger message and brand. There are not many people who can do all of that with a smile on their face the whole time and who always seem to remain humble, poised and ready for whatever comes next. I've enjoyed every minute working with Andrea and hope we'll have the chance to work together again and again.
Saskia Epstein, VP Client & Community Relations, PNC Bank
Andrea is always on top of her clients’ needs! Whether she's placing radio and TV buys around the country or working with local media companies like The Daily Item, negotiating reasonable rates and better placements! I have been in meetings with Andrea and clients and its apparent how comfortable they are with her and trust her to plan and schedule their ad buys! She added online advertising to her mix in the last few years, running successful banner ad campaigns with www.itemlive.com and other local media company websites. If you're looking for a true professional to outsource your ad budget to, I would recommend Andrea and New Leaf Marketing Strategies!
Tara Cleary -Digital and Social Media Strategist
Andrea is one of those people you hope you get to work with and wish everyone was just like her! She is receptive to ideas and has many of her own. great ones because she knows her clients and their needs. She truly looks to put together the best strategy for her clients' best interests. Andrea gets to the point and never goes back on her word. She is open and honest about her plans, goals and how she wants to work- which is refreshing. I would easily recommend Andrea to any client who wants their agency to have their best interest at heart and the experience and know-how to get the job done!
Christina Ptak – Senior Account Executive Team Lead at Acquia
I recently attend a marketing event that was designed and orchestrated by Andrea. it was a delightful experience and a complete success. Clearly, her energy, good humor and product knowledge make her a valuable resource for any business. Thanks for inviting me, Andrea!
Betty Slatko –Realtor, Windhill Realty


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